Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Don't Think I Can Blog!

I have had this site for almost two years now and I have never been able to find anything interesting to blog about.
I am never doing the same craft more then a few times.I get bored very fast with projects.
I have taken so many classes on the net to boost my creativity and most can't keep my attention very long.
I keep wanting to give up and just say "I am not an artist" and throw it all away.
My family thinks I have Attention Deficit Disorder because I can't stick with one thing for very long.

My latest adventure is involving Visual Journaling,which I am enjoying very much.I know I want to learn to draw and paint better,so that's why I thought Visual Journaling might be for me.
I can draw and use paint,pastels,chalks,transfers and lots of other mediums.
I will post my pages here and hopefully that will get me started blogging.

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