Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Style!

Since I was a little girl,I always wanted to draw cute faces attached to cute bodies.There was never any money for art classes and as I recall there weren't many art schools in the 60's.
Ahhhh the internet comes along and I jump right in.Everyday,people are having classes to teach you to draw anything.There was also a lot of free teachings but I was thinking,if I pay for it,it must be better than free,right?
So about once a month I started to take classes and this has been ongoing since about 1999.
I took classes to learn clay,several that included making mini clay dolls.I soon realized that was not for me.Next I went on to fabric dolls.I bought all my patterns,fabrics,sewing machine and all I needed to make fabulous fabric dolls.I got bored really fast when I saw I couldn't do it.
This goes on and on and on.
I finally found my passion in Art Journaling.You guessed it,I took no less then 10 classes to learn Art Journaling,then I thought,I keep learning the same things over and over again.
It was MY art journal,why would I need to pay someone to teach me?
So here I am paying for class after class trying to learn to make pretty dolls in my journal.
Every time I take a draw a cute doll class,it's teaching me the same way to draw a face.
I know where all the parts go so I decided there is no one who can teach me the rest,I need to teach myself.
I finally realized after spending tons of money that once you know the basics and where it all goes,the rest is up to you to develop your own style.
Stay tuned for my style,I hope!

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