Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally Bought Copic Markers.

I actually found two places that I could of bought them from.
One company, Carpe Diem sells them for $3.95 @ but you have to pay shipping.
This is the company I bought from.
There is another company, Oozak. and they have free shipping on orders over $50.00 but their pens are $4.15 @.I have seen these pens go for as much as $8.00 @.
To decide on my colors I went to other artist's sites to see what colors are used the most.
This chart came from Kelly Kilmer,she says these are her favorite Copics.I bought a lot of these colors and will buy them in stages till I get all that I want.I didn't invest in the glitter pens yet.

Just a little update on these pens,I ordered them today from Carpe Diem and they were shipped today.

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