Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have You Ever Completed a Journal?

I have started many journals,I think 12 and have not finished any.I'm not sure I ever will,because it doesn't really matter.
I love being able to draw pictures,paint anything and then also write in my journals.It's YOUR journal so anything goes.Any medium at all will work.I think being able to use any color of paint,pencil,pastels,or pens makes it very exciting.
I used to worry about how it was looking or how it would turn out but then decided "Does That Really Matter?"
Who Cares?It's mine,it's my expression of how I see things.
I don't like to journal about serious stuff,I like to do happy stuff to make myself smile.I like Whimsy and Zetti styles in mine and others journals.
You can take your journal with you anywhere you go and that's very cool.

This is my page for today!


willowing said...

lovely pages gennie! indeed, your journal is a place to just express and be you!! :) i have finished a few journals! x

Gennie said...

I now know someone (Willowing) who finished a journal or two.
I will try to finish one too someday!

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