Monday, March 8, 2010

Journal Page for Today!

Today was such a nice day.The temperature was almost 60 degrees.Spring is just around the corner.

I did a journal page today about something lots of my friends and I do everyday.Go without our bra.
Now I know that's not such a big deal if you are under,say 30 years old but I am 58 and it is a big deal.
Last year when I went for my mammogram there was an older lady there who didn't wear a bra and she had her breasts tucked into her pants waistband.I thought to myself,I can't wait till I can do that!
There must be an age where we just don't need to wear a bra anymore.I feel close to it!
I wonder if you never wore a bra again,with those breasts sagging,will gravity pull the wrinkles from your face?

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The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hi Gennie!

Hahaha! I love this. :) Just popped over for a peek. Thanks for the smiles.

Cheers! =D
~Kitty Kellie

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