Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Layers In My Journal!

Today's journal page has 6 different layers.

Layer one is torn papers,layer two is transparent paints,layer three is a piece of cheesecloth that was dyed pink.This is what it looked like after three layers.
Forth layer was more paint that was semi transparent.
The fifth layer consisted of rubber stamps,digital images,glass glitter and white opaque flakes.
The sixth and last layer was a piece of tulle that was put on with gel medium.


JAN said...

loving all the luscious layers in your lovely journal..less is more but more is better is my philiosophy too..Happy St Patricks day to ya..have a drink and jig on me
infact lets make that three lol..
top o the morning to ya..Jan

Gennie said...

Thanks Jan!
I do think I could of left off the last layer,tulle.
It doesn't change the page that much on website but in person it does.
I never know when to stop!

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